Birthday Decorations

Welcome to the Birthday Decoration Store

Don’t settle for generic birthday party decorations; drawing of birthday cakes and balloons, corporate logos, or solid colors. We will shop for you, locally or worldwide, to buy decorations with YOUR choice of theme. There are hundreds of choices – TV characters, movie characters, popular toys, and the entire animal kingdom. (For example, there are several different cartoon monkeys, cute dinosaurs & scary dinosaurs, etc.)

Most popular themes are available at roughly the same low price. A few are hard to get; we can do it but we’ll discuss the price with you first. For example, “Blue’s Clues” is almost unavailable, but we found a set of decorations for $90. A British cartoon on Nick Jr, “Peppa Pig,” must be ordered from the United Kingdom or South America, and takes a month to arrive.

Table Covers

$5 each for character or solid color table covers.

Standard table covers (at Party City for instance) are 8 – 9 feet long.  The party area at Pee Wee Bees has these tables.

  • 2 rectangular tables (8 feet by 30 inches) for adult seating.
  • 2- 3 rectangular tables (4 feet by 30 inches) for child seating.
  • 1 rectangular table (6 feet by 30 inches) for your food.
  • 1 rectangular table (4 feet by 30 inches) for the gifts.

Five or six table covers will cover all the tables.

Paper Plates

$5 each for a pack of 8 character plates

Most character plates come in two sizes – “lunch” plates and “dessert” plates.  You can order character plates for the adults, the children, or both.


$5 each for a pack of 16 lunch napkins

Other Decorations

18-inch Foil Balloon $5
Large Character Balloon $16
Character Centerpiece $10
Character Wall Poster $10