Our Story

The Inspiration for Pee Wee Bees


Pee Wee Bees is a Mom and Pop shop for Moms and Pops. We are Sandra and Steven Alexander, the Mom and the Pop of two small children, David and Shara. When they were toddlers, we faced the daily question: “What are we going to do with the kids today?”

Public parks are free, but the weather is often overwhelming for small children; too hot, too cold, or too wet. No matter how many toys we bought, our house would be too boring and the kids wanted to go somewhere. Most activities for children were for older children.

It took us years to work out all the details of a perfect playground for younger kids. David and Shara are too old for most of the toys and play equipment in Pee Wee Bees, but now they’re old enough to want to help us run the store. The whole family is excited to be opening this store and doing it together.

The Alexander Family 2007

Our children wrote a jingle for Pee Wee Bees: “Pee Wee Bees, the best place ever.” Steven and Sandra have been to a lot more places than David and Shara. We wouldn’t have made that claim. But now that they’ve said it, we will try to live up to it.

What’s in a name?

“Pee Wee” means little. Bees are small, too. “Pee Wee Bees” refer to the young children for whom we built Pee Wee Bees, the store. Pediatric speech therapists say that the “p”, “w”, and “b” sounds are among the earliest sounds children can make. You’ll notice that you cannot say “Pee Wee Bees” without smiling. You’ll also find that you can’t be in Pee Wee Bees without smiling.

For those of us who try to ensure a grammatically correct environment for their children, please note the our name includes the plural “Bees,” but there is only one store. That’s why we write “Pee Wee Bees is …”