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Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Q: Where is Pee Wee Bees?
A: At the Alamo Ranch shopping center next to The Children’s Place clothing store and across the parking lot from Ross Dress for Less clothing store. The Alamo Ranch shopping center is on the outer side of the 1604 where it crosses Culebra Road. It is a mile north of the junction with 151.

Q: On what days is Pee Wee Bees open?
A: Every day of the year except New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Q: At what time does Pee Wee Bees open?
A: Every morning at 10:00 AM.

Q: At what time does Pee Wee Bees close?
A: Every evening at 6:00 PM.

Q: What does Pee Wee Bees cost?
A: Each child can play all day, and leave and return that day, for $10. Adults accompanying children may enter for free.

Q: What does Pee Wee Bees charge for babies?
A: There is no charge if the baby is too little to play or sleeps through the entire visit. That fits most babies under 6 months old. We do have toys for infants, and some 5 month old children are ready to play. The price for those babies is the same as for any other child. See above. Pee Wee Bees is for babies just as much as it is for toddlers and older children. It’s true that some other indoor playgrounds devote only a small corner of the room and a few toys for babies – that’s not much value. Babies are not an afterthought at Pee Wee Bees; we have a lot of space and a lot of toys for them. Our snack bar has food they like. We have a nursing room and changing tables for them too.

Q: Who is Pee Wee Bees for?
A: All children, any age, up to their 7th birthdays. (And a little bit older, too, if they still interested in our toys and can play gently.)

Q: Is Pee Wee Bees a child care center?
A: No, it is an indoor playground for children to use with their parents or guardians.

Q: May I drop off my child and shop for a little while?
A: I’m sorry, we cannot babysit. We have enough staff for a store but not enough to take care of our young guests.

Q: Does Pee Wee Bees have any food?
A: We offer a variety of snacks: cookies, crackers, candy, ice cream, and fruit cups.  We have microwave pasta bowls, pizza, and hot sandwiches.  Our drinks include milks, juices, fruit drinks, sodas, coffee, and Starbucks beverages.

Q: What’s the policy about shoes and socks?
A: We have babies lying or crawling on the carpet so we work hard to keep dirt and pebbles from being tracked in.  Shoes and sandals can get dirty even walking through the parking lot.  Children and adults should take off their shoes and wear socks while in the play area.  This is a common practice for indoor playgrounds.  We have socks for $1 if needed.

Q: May I just stay on the tiled dining area or lobby in my shoes?
A: It is important that adults be able to go to their children immediately if the need should arrive, so they should be in socks in order to be ready.  Also, it is too easy to forget what we’re wearing or how we’re trying to keep the carpet clean.  We tried this a few times, and people always ended up walking on the carpet as they were leaving; the children in their socks and the adults in their shoes.

Q: How clean is Pee Wee Bees?
A professional cleaning company, which also cleans day care centers, cleans Pee Wee Bees every night.  They spray and wipe the toys with disinfectant.  The carpets stay cleaner because of our no-shoes policy.  We have Purell hand sanitizer dispensers in the front and the back of the room.  All the food and drink we sell are individually wrapped or packaged.

Q: Who is that middle-aged man in the store?
A: That’s me, Steven Alexander. I’m a father of two children, 11 year old David and 9 year old Shara. They’re sorry that they’re too old to play with most of the toys, but excited that they’re old enough to help run the store. I’ve worked in the computer and information technology industries for 40 years. Now I have a job that my kids can understand.