Goody Bags

Give Your Guests Our Goodies

A rubber duck / safari animal, a plastic rainbow spring, a mini-chocolate bar,  a bag of fruit gummies, and six stickers of cartoon jungle animals in a “High Five” smiley-hand plastic bag: $2.50 each
A mini bean bag stuffed animal, a wind up toy, a tube of mini M&Ms, five flavors of Starburst Fruit Chews, and a sheet of character stickers in a character bag (the character you choose for the birthday party decorations): $6.95 each

A flashing, bouncing ball, a multi-color, intertwined bouncing ball, a five-inch plush zoo animal, a bag of Jelly Belly, and a bag of Raisinets in a cardboard “lunchbox” with your child’s photo: $9.95 each
For Adults: a lottery ticket, a Ghirardelli chocolate square, a Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut truffle, a Lindt milk chocolate truffle, a refrigerator magnet, and a small bar of novelty soap: $12.95 each